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Africa and the History of Civilisation

Quillette 16 Jul 2024
In any serious modern history of human civilisation, ancient Egypt and North Africa feature prominently ... It is certainly true that ancient Africa contained numerous nomadic pastoralist societies like the Masai Mara.

Female genital mutilation: Entrenched ritual with devastating effects

Naharnet 16 Jul 2024
Gambia in 2015 banned the ritual forced on millions of girls in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, but it remains widespread ... In Liberia, which elected Africa's first woman leader in 2006, the proportion has fallen from 54 percent to 20 percent.

Rekindling the Africa rising narrative

China Daily 15 Jul 2024
The act of humility between China and Africa is deeply rooted in ancient times and hardened in the furnace of mutual struggles against imperialism and their shared aspirations for freedom and development.

How old are South African fossils like the Taung Child? Study offers an answer

Phys Dot Org 15 Jul 2024
... from Africa ... We are dealing with a question that's vexed scientists for decades and the quest to definitively say when these ancient members of our family tree existed in South Africa will continue.

Failure of Success of EU Development Accords: From Yaoundé, through Lomé and Cotonou, to Samoa

This Day 14 Jul 2024
... affairs but also carelessly forgetting that the original name of Africa was Alkebu-lan, meaning ‘mother of mankind’ or ‘garden of Eden’ and not Africa as given by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Global scientists call for African-led research to unravel human evolution

Xinhua 12 Jul 2024
The scientific paper calls for developing a roadmap for ethical research on human evolution in Africa to win trust of local custodians of archeological sites where fossils and ancient tools are preserved.

What Is The Oldest Evidence Of DNA Ever Recovered On Earth?

IFL Science 11 Jul 2024
Ancient DNA can reveal all sorts of things about the past – from the mysteries of human evolution to the secrets of Earth’s prehistoric climate ... What is ancient DNA? ... Ancient DNA (aDNA) is DNA isolated from ancient sources.

Charting an equitable future for DNA and ancient DNA research in Africa

Science Daily 11 Jul 2024
... and inclusive future for DNA and ancient DNA (aDNA) research in Africa.

Looking — and feeling — like a million dollars in heat means loose linen clothing

North Shore News 11 Jul 2024
Those who live in hot, dry environments, such as Bedouins — nomadic people from the Arabian Peninsula, Middle East and North Africa — dress differently than those in tropical, humid areas, Navarro said.

Earliest Evidence of Plant Farming Unearthed in East Africa

Ancient Origins 10 Jul 2024
Ancient Skeletons Change History ... Despite numerous narratives about the beginnings of agriculture in East Africa, direct evidence of ancient plants has been sparse ... Denizens of South Africa’s Cradle of Humankind.

Paleolithic humans used eyed needles for tailoring, fashion

Madison 09 Jul 2024
Researchers looked at existing archaeological evidence from dozens of sites across Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, southern Africa and Australia, where ancient tools used to make clothes had ...

Sunflower Summer Adventures: Finding world treasures

The Newton Kansan 09 Jul 2024
A look at the museum map shows how varied the exhibits are – on the first floor there is a fossil gallery; pieces from ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt; Africa; rocks and minerals; the Cenozoic era; the ...

Should this Anglo-Saxon drama have a diverse cast?

The Spectator 09 Jul 2024
Lately, though, bad history books, sometimes written for young children, have been spreading the news that there were plenty of black people in ancient and medieval Britain, including an early abbot from North Africa (unlikely to have been black) ... .

Secrets of a perfect desk lunch

Denver Post 09 Jul 2024
This ancient whole grain, which is also gluten-free, is prepared throughout West Africa, as is sauce moyo, a sauce of crisp onion and pepper, juicy tomatoes, chile and lime ... Fonio is an ancient whole ...