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Ready to fly out during Eid al Adha? Consider these interesting destinations

Muskat Daily 15 Jun 2024
It is situated on the Nile River, with nearby Giza being the site of the iconic ‘Pyramids’—the main attraction in Cairo, telling the story of one of the last remaining wonders of the ancient world for nearly 4000 years.

Addressing Change of Nigeria’s National Anthem

This Day 15 Jun 2024
To properly situate Ghana in Ancient Africa, we should be clear of ethnic clusters in that the Soninke, Malinke and Bambara belong to a group referred to as Mandingoes or Mande-speaking (The History of West Africa; p.

Female partners could save them: Plants which outlasted dinosaurs may get extinct; scientists are trying to find a match

Live Mint 14 Jun 2024
According to a report by ‘The Conversation’, the ancient plant species is facing an existential crisis because of the absence of any female partner ... Woodi is a plant species from South Africa.

Hunter-gatherer diets weren't always heavy on meat: Morocco study reveals a plant-based diet

Phys Dot Org 10 Jun 2024
By studying them, we can learn directly about the diets of ancient humans ... It has some of the oldest ancient human DNA in Africa, which has allowed scientists to characterize human genetic ancestry in this region.

Affordable Getaways Beckon

The Arabian Post 09 Jun 2024
... country’s ancient churches and monasteries ... If a touch of North Africa is what beckons, Morocco provides a captivating mix of ancient cities, breathtaking desert landscapes, and bustling souks.

Chinese Bridge language competition attracts primary school students in Botswana

Xinhua 09 Jun 2024
Through learning foreign languages like Chinese, students are advancing beyond Africa and reaching out to the world, she said ... Fuzhou protects ancient architecture to boost local tourism ... Envoys embrace cultural marvels in ancient Silk Road hub.

Pioneer Press reader trip to Greece a dreamy mix of history, food and culture

Pioneer Press 08 Jun 2024
... erected in the shadow of the ancient Acropolis ... The small, rocky island was considered to be one of the most important ports in the ancient world, because of its proximity to Greece, Turkey and Africa.

‘Undiscovered gem’ country wants to rival Morocco — but tourists aren’t yet convinced

Metro UK 08 Jun 2024
As Africa’s largest country, you aren’t short of things to see, and a flight from the UK only takes around three hours, so you don’t have to travel too far to do so.

Putin is ‘a saviour sent by God to stop WW3’, says fan of nuclear war

Metro UK 08 Jun 2024
Up Next ... Addressing Putin onstage, Karaganov, 71, said ... The situation was dire ... ‘European civilisations plundered Africa and China, India, the Middle East and the Americas. ‘Ancient cultures were destroyed, indigenous peoples driven into reservations.

Ancient crustal weaknesses contribute to modern earthquakes in West Africa, study finds

Phys Dot Org 07 Jun 2024
Ancient crustal weaknesses contribute to modern earthquakes in West Africa, study finds (2024, June 7) retrieved 7 June 2024 from https.//

China asks US 'to do something concrete' for Africa other than criticizing Belt and Road Initiative

Anadolu Agency 07 Jun 2024
China's President Xi Jinping proposed the BRI in 2013 to connect China with markets in Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa by recreating the ancient Silk Road to improve global trade infrastructure.

Princess Obaseki Celebrates African Enduring Spirit During Africa Day 2024

This Day 07 Jun 2024
In her speech titled “Africa Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,” Ambassador Obaseki reflected on Africa’s profound transformation from ancient civilizations to the modern era, emphasizing the continent’s resilience and potential.

The fatal design flaw in your boots that can kill you, revealed by doctors... And ...

The Daily Mail 07 Jun 2024
Tripping over our own feet, a slapstick classic, was probably the first human joke — shortly after Sahelanthropus tchadensis, one of our most ancient ancestors, stood up on the plains of Africa seven million years ago ... It’s not just when walking ... .

The Machlyes and Auses: Fierce Female Tribes of Ancient Libya, North Africa

Ancient Origins 06 Jun 2024
Among the tales ancient historians and the like told of North Africa, stand two rather remarkable sister tribes ... As one might have guessed, the tribes of ancient Libya were matriarchal ... An ancient Greek figurine depicting an Amazon on horseback.

Ugo Rondinone muses on circle of life with fluorescent totems, blazing fire

Korea Times 02 Jun 2024
By Park Han-sol ... The performance, blending ancient rituals of the Maghreb region in Africa with contemporary dance, beckons viewers into a mystical, trance-like state and allows them to experience the never-ending cycle through their whole bodies ... .